Yoga to Soothe Sciatica

Do you have sciatica (tenderness and pain anywhere along the sciatic nerve, typically showing up on one side of the body)? This is a problem as old as mankind itself, and it often has much to do with our postural habits. Our latest digital workshop, "Yoga to Soothe Sciatica" with expert teacher Doug Keller, will help you understand where your sciatica could be coming from (i.e., what daily habits can lead to or aggravate sciatica as well as where it originates in the body).

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How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body

The benefits of mindfulness meditation, increasingly popular in recent years, are supposed to be many: reduced stress and risk for various diseases, improved well-being, a rewired brain. But the experimental bases to support these claims have been few. Supporters of the practice have relied on very small samples of unrepresentative subjects, like isolated Buddhist monks who spend hours meditating every day, or on studies that generally were not randomized and did not include placebo­ control groups.

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4 Simple Tips to Reconnect You to Your Body

Most of us spend a significant amount of time focusing our attention outside our bodies, either intentionally or unintentionally. Even those experiencing body dysmorphic disorder, described by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America as “a body-image disorder characterized by persistent and intrusive preoccupations with an imagined or slight defect in one's appearance,” may, in fact, be having a disembodied experience in spite of their seeming obsession with the body itself.

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2016 Yoga in America Study conducted by Yoga Journal & Yoga Alliance

News Flash!  The newly-released 2016 Yoga in America Study revealed the following: 

  • 36 million practitioners in the U.S. (including 10 million men);
  • 80 million Americans report being likely to try yoga in the coming year;
  • women comprise 72% of practitioners with the number of men and older practitioners increasing at an impressive rate.

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